Low Attrition

AITECKSYS focuses on empowerment and development of its People, through various programs, such as, new skill & domain training, career path road map and guidance, the buddy program, health & wellness sessions, a day as manager and more, these programs keep employees engaged and motivated which has always resulted in low attrition. This has facilitated on-time project deliverables, and great Customer experience.

Value Driven Organization

  • We strive for Honesty of Mind and Heart in every transaction

  • The belief of creating a difference in lives of our people remains at core of our actions

  • A task assigned and agreed, is task done right the first time

  • This is our core, we engage on what we are GREAT at

  • We care for our Team and Customer, as the way we would like to be taken care of

  • Open door is the culture we drive and practice

  • A firm belief in work-life balance allows us to keep OUR TEAM motivated

Excellence in Processes and Delivery

At AITECKSYS, we invest time in understanding our customers business, their needs and expectations, and start with retrospection, why is the Customer engaging us? How can we add value in the short and long term, how do we delight our customer and the end user!

Partnerships are built on trust, we strive to make our customers believe that AITECKSYS is their partner, and to make this possible, throughout the project engagement, our Account Managers will ensure that the customer are on the same page, this is possible through swift and transparent communication.

Our turn arounds are quick during working days/hours, we follow well defined escalation process for any delays or lapse in communication.

We follow agile delivery model in most of our projects, with internal reviews and sign offs before each sprint.